June 21, 2024
Congrats to Lydia, a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and Makenna awardee for honorable mention!
March 12, 2024
Professor Fortner as member of CASE
January 10, 2024
Dr. Junseok Lee successfully finished his PhD defense and will start a new position as postdoc at USC from 2024.
September 1, 2022
Professor Fortner joins Yale Superfund Research Center (YSRC)
April 1, 2022
Professor Fortner joins University of Louisville Superfund Research Center (YSRC) as the leader of project 4.
July 27, 2021
Dr. Ji-Soo Jang has accepted a tenure track, senior research scientist position.
Chart showing Amine-based (PEI) Cr (VI) Photoreduction Rates
June 8, 2021
Changwoo Kim, Siyuan An, Junseok Lee, Anushree Ghosh, Mingjiang Zhong, and John D. Fortner demonstrate the significant photoactive potential of PEI for Cr sorption and reduction [to Cr (III)], delineating amine structure–function relationships.
May 10, 2021
Ji-Soo Jang, Lea R Winter, Changwoo Kim, John D. Fortner, and Menachem Elimelech discuss the underlying gas separation mechanisms for different types of membrane overlayers, including graphene oxide, metal-organic frameworks, and metal oxides, as well as their integration with sensing materials.
Graphic showing effect of temperature time oxidant sonification
November 26, 2020
Siyuan An, Qingqing Zeng, Wenlu Li, and Fortner describe the synthesis of graphene oxide (GO) over a large range of conditions, exploring the effects of reaction temperature, reaction time, oxidant ratio, and sonication time on the chemical and colloidal properties of the product.
Graphic showing element sorption
October 23, 2020
In this publication, Changwoo Kim, Seung Soo Lee, Kit Tan Kwan, Junseok Lee, Wenlu Li, Brandon J. Lafferty, Daniel E. Giammar, and John Fortner evaluate surface-functionalized Mn–Fe oxide nanocrystals (NCs) for single- and multi-sorbate scenarios considering As(V), Cr(VI), and U(VI) in varied water chemistries (deionized (DI), ground, and sea water) at pH 7.0.