Özce Durak

Ph.D. Student
Research area: 
Advanced composite materials for PFAS removal

Özce is a first-year Ph.D. student from Izmir, Turkey. She is currently focusing on the development of advanced composite materials for PFAS removal.

Özce obtained her BS in Chemical & Biological Engineering and Industrial Engineering with an Energy and Environmental Engineering track from Koç University located in Istanbul. During her undergraduate years, she worked on ammonia decomposition for green hydrogen energy and single-site catalysis for butadiene hydrogenation in Prof. Alper Uzun’s Catalysis Research Lab. After graduation, she continued with her MSc degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Koç University under the supervision of Prof. Alper Uzun and Prof. Seda Keskin. During her master’s studies, she developed novel ionic liquid/porous material composites (such as IL/Metal-organic frameworks) for gas/liquid-phase sorption and separation applications aiming to achieve selective separation of greenhouse gasses, efficient air purification, and dye removal.

Outside research, Özce likes to facetime her family and her puppy (aka Olive), play volleyball with her SEAS team, spend time with her friends, play board games, and eat (not cooking, only eating).