Seung Hee Chae

Ph.D. Candidate
Research area: 
Water treatment and environmental materials

Seung Hee Chae is from Seoul, South Korea. She got both master’s and bachelor’s degrees at Seoul National University majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering.   Seung Hee’s research interest lies in utilizing nanomaterials for environmental applications such as water purification. Currently, she is working on the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) with nanobubbles - searching for ways to actively produce nanobubbles using nano-sized catalysts.  Before joining Yale, Seung Hee finished her master’s course at Seoul National University in Dr. Kyoungphile Nam’s lab.  There she was focused on Fe-based metal organic frameworks (MOFs), as photocatalysts to degrade pharmaceutical compounds under visible light.  Outside research, Seung Hee likes cooking, especially Korean foods, and listening to jazz.