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John Fortner Wins ASCE Huber Award

Fortner has been awarded the 2020 Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Professor Fortner appointed as RSC Fellow

Professor John Fortner appointment as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Congratulations Changwoo!

Dr. Changwoo Kim has accepted a faculty position at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology.

Fortner Lab


July 27, 2021
Dr. Ji-Soo Jang has accepted a tenure track, senior research scientist position.
Chart showing Amine-based (PEI) Cr (VI) Photoreduction Rates
June 8, 2021
Changwoo Kim, Siyuan An, Junseok Lee, Anushree Ghosh, Mingjiang Zhong, and John D. Fortner demonstrate the significant photoactive potential of PEI for Cr sorption and reduction [to Cr (III)], delineating amine structure–function relationships.
May 10, 2021
Ji-Soo Jang, Lea R Winter, Changwoo Kim, John D. Fortner, and Menachem Elimelech discuss the underlying gas separation mechanisms for different types of membrane overlayers, including graphene oxide, metal-organic frameworks, and metal oxides, as well as their integration with sensing materials.