Susanna Maisto

Ph.D. Candidate
Research area: 
Water treatment and environmental materials

Susanna is a first year Ph.D. student from Silver Spring, Maryland. She is interested in advancing nanomaterials for emerging contaminant remediation, and she is currently working on PFAS removal.

Susanna completed a B.S. in Chemistry at the College of William & Mary in 2020. At William & Mary, she worked in the organic synthesis lab of Dr. Jonathan Scheerer to synthesize a fused ring structure containing a pyrrole and diketopiperazine. Post-graduation, she completed an NIH post-baccalaureate fellowship under the direction of Dr. Kai Ge, studying the epigenetic regulation of adipogenesis. She is excited to apply her interdisciplinary background towards environmental engineering research. 

Outside of the lab, Susanna particularly likes to run, and ran track all through college. She also likes to knit, bike, cook, and play Codenames. She is enthusiastic about sheep and her family’s homemade jam.